Group Event Planning

Group Event Planning

Just 4 Fun Party Rentals makes planning group events a snap! Whether you are in charge of planning corporate events for your business, apartment community, or non-profit the following packages are guaranteed fun for all.

By adding interactive games to your events you’ll give your guests a way to bond and be more social. In turn this creates a fun atmosphere therefore guests will be more likely to come again. You can rest assured that our expertly planned packages below will help you create the perfect event for your group.

Themed Packages

Some packages below are seasonally themed as most of the events we assist in planning are also seasonally inspired. You are not limited to the packaging below as a result we can custom create a package based on your individual needs.

Keep in mind we are a full service company therefore all setup and testing is done at the time of delivery to ensure your event success.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Package #1

  • 10ft Projection Screen
  • Projector w/ Speakers
  • Popcorn Cart w/50 Servings
  • Next Day Pickup if Available

Package #2

  • 16ft Blowup Screen
  • Projector w/ Speakers
  • Popcorn Cart w/50 Servings
  • Next Day Pickup if Available

Karaoke Night

Package #3

  • WIFI Karaoke 22K Songs
  • Song Screen w/Stand
  • Speakers w/ 2 Corded Mics & Stand
  • One Fun Dance Light
  • Next Day Pickup if Available

Photo Booth Social

Package #4

  • Open Style Photo Booth
  • White Background
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Same Night Pickup
  • Monday-Thursday Year Round
  • Friday’s January – March Only

Family Fun Day

Package #5

  • 13×13 Inflatable
  • Corn Hole or 3 Lawn Games
  • Concession Machine w/50 Servings
  • Delivery 8-11am, Pickup by 6pm
  • *Add a ping pong or foosball table for added fun!

Summer Carnival

Package #6

  • 13×13 Inflatable
  • Hoop Shot Inflatable
  • 6 Red & White Carnival Tents
  • 4 Full Size Carnival Games of Choice
  • 60 11″ Helium Balloons
  • 2 Concession Machine w/100 Servings
  • Delivery 8-9am, Pickup by 6pm

Winter Magic

Package #7

  • 10ft Truss with Snow Effect Machine
  • Extra Snow Fluid
  • Black Light Effect
  • Popcorn, Concession w/50 Servings, or 2 Coffee Urns
  • Next Day Pickup if Available

Luau Pool Social

Package #8

  • 6 Tiki Torches Installed w/Fuel
  • 6 Thatched Umbrellas
  • Next Day Pickup if Available

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