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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Just 4 Fun Party Rentals, Santa Barbara is an eco-friendly, sustainable, community-oriented and local business since 2007.

We are a family-run micro business.  As such, we are an extension of the people we serve and we are aware of our impact.  We take responsibility for our local and global, social and environmental exchanges.  We aim to make our exchanges as eco-centric and eco-friendly as possible. Consequently, we are passionate about protecting the environment and hence we follow sustainable practices – both in business and at home.

Our business, J4F, is the ultimate green business.  Rental companies in general are inherently green due to the nature of the business model.  Rental items are used and re-used over and over again.  Rather than purchasing plastic or paper products for one time use, customers rent items that can be washed and re-used by the rental company.  Rental items have a longer life span and use less natural resources.  We reuse each product as many times as possible while maintaining our quality standards. Once we’re no longer able to reuse a product, we make every effort to recycle it.  The “three R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) really should have a fourth “R” — Rentals!

Our Sustainability Practices

At J4F our efforts towards environmental preservation include:

  • Saving Water – through low-flow washing machines and low water use cleaning practices,
  • Saving Energy – through conscious electrical use and purchasing and using energy-efficient equipment,
  • Recycling – as much as possible,
  • Reducing Waste – always,
  • Reusing Items – such as hangers and packing boxes,
  • Donating Items – to charities and people in need,
  • Re-Purposing Items – if they don’t meet rental standards,
  • Buying Locally Sourced Items – whenever possible,
  • Hiring Local Staff,
  • Driving Fuel-Efficient and Low-Emissions Vehicles – and mapping the most efficient routes for our delivery trucks.

Eco-Friendly Delivery

All of our vehicles feature a GPS navigation system that creates the most efficient routes possible.  This allows us to efficiently manage our delivery times and enables the company to plan shorter, cost-effective and gas-saving routes.  Saving time manually routing, helps to decrease overlapping routes, reduce mileage and fuel usage and the amount of vehicles on the road.   J4F maintains modern and fuel efficient vehicles. Vehicles are serviced in intervals and tires are kept properly inflated.  This helps not only our drivers to stay safe it also keeps emissions to a minimum. Our drivers are trained to be conscious of speed limits and turn off their engines while loading and unloading orders to reduce carbon dioxide pollution. Vehicles are life cycled accordingly to maintain a balance of newer, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly units with special attention to lowering Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and increasing driver safety.

Eco-Friendly Rentals

We primarily purchase low-energy-consuming products.  All of our equipment is purchased with consideration of its impact to the environment.  Emissions, noise, energy-efficiency and sustainability are all factors that are taken into consideration when purchasing equipment for our company.  For example, we carry all Honda brand generators.  They are more expensive but produce less emissions, less noise and are more energy-efficient.  We invest in equipment that is eco-friendly even if it means that we pay a little more for it.  The planet is worth it and we are committed to doing our part!

Our administrative staffers strive with diligence to conserve the use of paper and ink with unnecessary printing.  Most work is performed digitally and paperless.  We correspond mostly through email, we have electronic product catalogues and electronic service agreements.  Most transactions are settled and filed electronically, saving paper and ink on both business and customer sides.

Even though the nature of the event rental business inherently promotes sustainability, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways for us to reduce our impact. 

Be an activist.  You too can help preserve the environment!  We offer a quick Eco-Friendly Party Guide – Click Here to see how you can do your part to save the environment the next time you host an event.


J4F focuses its attention on serving people and parties based solely in Santa Barbara, California.  This geographic focus area helps us reach two goals.  First of all, it helps us to tread lightly on our planet by reducing our carbon footprint to the area in which we live.  Secondly, it enables us to have a niche market and hence provide the best customer service at the best price.

Our offices, warehouses, staff and homes are all based in Santa Barbara, California.  Therefore, we are always available to assist you without delay.  Locally, we are in the know.  Events wise, we are in the know (city events, festivals, annual charity events, etc.).  We also know the style trends of the SB events and wedding circuit.  We have a deep understanding of the area, its people, its geography, its weather patterns, its venues and its vendors. This all helps us to provide you with the best recommendations and customer service experience possible.

Our J4F service area stretches from Summerland to Goleta.  By containing our business to one area we minimize our impact on traffic and pollution.  Similarly, we maximize our time and efficiency.  What this means is that you get the best care and personalized experience from a locally owned and operated business.

Community Clients

Celebrating the start of our 11th year in business, we boast our service of over 5,900 community and private events in Santa Barbara to date.  Our team provides rentals and services for at least 2 weddings at the SB Courthouse per week, year round.  That is approximately 400 weddings at the SB Courthouse per year.  Similarly, we service weddings in a variety of other locations including: community venues, churches, beaches and private residences.  In contrast, 30% of our sales come from high-profile private events in Montecito.  We specialize in white glove service and practice complete discretion at all events.  We don’t even tell our staff who the party is for when we are setting up.  You can count on us to keep your event and location private and personal at all times.

We have a long list of public corporations, service organizations, arts groups, schools and charities that we have provided service to.

City Organizations

  • County of Santa Barbara
  • City of Santa Barbara
  • SB Sheriff’s Department
  • SB Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown SB Organization

Local Corporations

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Nordstrom
  • LogMeIn
  • Raytheon


  • UCSB
  • SBCC
  • Cate School
  • Crane School
  • Bishop Diego School
  • Mount Carmel School
  • Roosevelt School
  • several local sororities and fraternities

Health Care

  • Cottage Hospital
  • Assisted Home Health & Hospice
  • TeddyBear Cancer Foundation

Charitable Organizations/ Service Organizations

  • United Boys & Girls Club of SB
  • the Salvation Army SB Chapter
  • United Way of Santa Barbara
  • P Flag
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Shelter Box
  • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

Arts Groups

  • Children’s Creative Project
  • SB Symphony
  • ArtsFund
  • Art from Scrap

You can save the planet too!  Do your part! Tips for hosting an eco-friendly event.

By using rentals, rather than purchasing brand new products then disposing them post-event, you can help reduce your event’s footprint.  Hence, we recommend you use chinaware, silverware, glassware, and cloth linens instead of disposables to help cut down on waste.

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