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Utilize this form to add or exchange an event rental quote for an existing Quote OR Booking. We will email an event quote within 48 hours. Additionally, you can use this form to provide delivery details such as the planner’s name, delivery location, layout, etc.

Already Booked; Although we do not take partial cancellations, we do offer SWAPS – where you can swap same value items if they are available. You can also lessen the items you want to receive if it is more convenient for you.

How to Book Your Quote; Ensure to click the green “BOOK NOW” button in the event quote email to secure your rentals. *If adding items, all rentals will be delivered simultaneously. You have the option to request a Statement known as an “Event Summary,” which will comprehensively list party rentals and payments sharing the same date/address.

We are happy to assist in completing this form over the phone from Monday – Friday at 805-680-5484.

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