Inflatable Rules

Inflatable Rules

Renting an inflatable interactive “jumper” or “bounce house” is super fun, but comes with some risk of injury to the users. Avoiding any type of injury to you or your guests is easy and requires common sense, please read over the following rules of use (see rental policies) and  to help you and your guests have an awesome inflatable experience.

1. Only people of a similar height should jump at the same time. When adults and children or people of different heights jump at the same time you are putting yourself at high risk of accidental injury or death.

2.) Do not run water near the extension cords.

3.) Provide our delivery staff with a GFI (grounded) outlet.

4.) Do not let users climb on top of the units roof or collapse the unit on purpose. Boys like to push limits and at times try to deflate or collapse the unit. This may seem harmless but doing this provides a very high risk of injury. Remember it is your responsibility to manage the users and reduce risk of injury.

5.) All shoes must be removed before entering. Users may not eat, drink, or bring any sharp objects into the jumper. Accidental spills cause accidental falls. Sharp objects are dangerous for many reasons.

6.) NO FLIPS of any kind are allowed, this is the number one cause of back and neck injuries and if anyone is seen doing any type of flip you should remove them immediately.

7.) People are not allowed inside the Hoop Shot Basketball inflatable, keep all children outside and use only as a basketball hoop return.


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