Used Linens 90 Round

Used Linens 90 Round

  • Premium Polyester Fabric
  • Used Wedding Linens
  • White (other colors may be available)
  • Sold in lots of 5 at $5 each ($25 total)
  • Cash  / Free Delivery to Santa Barbara
  • VISA/MC shipping available via UPS (you pay ship fee)

**This items is for sale ongoing depending.

Used linens are in rental condition and do not have rips or large stains. The linens may have small imperfections, seem imperfections, invisible runs, very small pin size stains, etc. *The linens have at least 1 more use, and if washed properly after the first use, can be used again and again. Great find for your wedding or special event if you are on a budget.

The 90 round linens are for a variety tables sizes. This items goes 1/2 way down on a 30″ round cocktail table or 1/4 to the floor on a 60″ round table.

We are removing them from inventory to create space for an upgraded fabric! **All used rental items sold are non-refundable and sold as is. To purchase this linen please call our office at 805-680-5484 M-F and ask for Michelle – mention that you are interested in purchasing used table linens.