Tent Sidewall Red & White Stripe

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Tent Sidewall Red & White Stripe

  • Premium Polyester
  • Red & White Striped Wall Section
  • 8×8 (One Wall Section Only) (Tent and Rails Separate)
  • Sections Rented Separately (side, back, front, side)

Tent Sidewall Red & White Stripe creates a beach or circus look for your event in Santa Barbara, California. Each panel attaches with velcro and fastens to the top. It is easy to install and store. Each wall section is available for rent separately (front, side, back, side) so that you can create a partial or fully enclosed look. This item does not include the tent, which you can find by clicking here.  The red & white tent has a flexible configuration with the possibility of top only, top with side rails, or full tent with side wall(s).  (One side wall is called a back wall.)

Sidewalls are not recommended in heavy wind conditions because of the undesired whipping effect. Therefore, please let your rental rep know your specific application. Click here to see available tents for use with sidewall rentals.

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