Snow Cone Machine

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Snow Cone Machine

  • Easy to Use
  • Commercial Unit
  • Any Size Party or Event

Rent a snow cone machine, and don’t forget to add a cute concession umbrella for just $45. *Ice, cones, and syrup are not included with order, but can be added for .45 cents per serving. When you purchase servings through Just-4-Fun we provide you with a cooler at no additional charge.

Because this machine can make 1,000 cones per hour it’s a great money maker for your event, the typical event in Santa Barbara can earn you 90% profit. Why buy when you can rent for far less.

*Snow Cones and Cotton Candy are low sugar snacks compared to cake, ice cream and other sweets. The average cotton candy has just 1 tsp of sugar per serving and snow cones have as much sugar as you squeeze on the ice. You can always make a homemade syrup if your child is on a no sugar diet or has allergies to food coloring; put their favorite fruit in a blender and add water to make it liquidy if it is not sweet enough you can add a little natural sweetener (like agave or stevia) OR you can thaw out frozen concentrated juice and add a small amount of water.


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