Snow Cone Machine

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Snow Cone Machine

  • Easy to Use
  • Commercial Unit
  • Any Size Party or Event
  • Up to 1,000 Cones Per Hr
  • Table/Stand Not Included

Snow cone machine rentals will cool your guests down at your event. Don’t forget to add a cute concession umbrella in blue and white to make it extra special.

Snow Cones and Cotton Candy are low sugar snacks compared to cake, ice cream and other sweet treats! Did you know cotton candy has just 1 tsp of sugar per serving and snow cones also have low sugar topping options.

Make a homemade syrup; put your favorite fruit in a blender and add water to make it liquid. If it is not sweet enough you can add a little natural sweetener (like agave or stevia). Also try frozen concentrated juice and add a small amount of water to make a syrup. Finally, a fun dessert you can splurge on!

*Ice, cones, and syrup are not included with order, but can be added for just .45 cents per serving. Actual machine shown may not be machine rented as products vary by availability.

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