Silver Samovar Urn | 100 Cups

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Silver Samovar Urn | 100 Cups

  • Hot or Cold
  • Up to 100 Cups
  • Requires Sterno (not included)

Our Silver Samovar Urn rental heats from the bottom using disposable Cooking Fuel (sterno). This rental is simple to use and adds tradition and elegance to your next special event, tea party, baby shower or bridal shower!

Looking for a elegant cold beverage service? Forget the cooking fuel and just add ice. The all metal unit keeps drinks cold too.

Use this coffee urn to dispense hot chocolate, tea or other hot beverages. This is NOT a coffee maker, however it keeps all types of drinks hot and ready to serve. For a smaller sized model that serves just 50 cups please check out this tea/coffee urn instead.

About Samovars

Samovar or Semaver is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in and around Russia, Turkey, Central Asia, Kashmir and in the Middle East. Since the device is typically used to make tea this rental gives you the hot water you need for instant coffee, tea, and other hot beverages.

Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

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