Propane Services

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Propane Services

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Standard 20 Pound Tanks
  • Suitable for BBQ’s & Heaters
  • Will-Call or Weekly Service
  • Delivery & Installation Available

As Needed Via Will-Call

Pickup your propane when you need it. We offer propane tank rentals at our Warehouse on Mondays and Fridays via will-call at 721 E Gutierrez Street in Santa Barbara, CA. It’s easy to pickup a tank rental, just call our office and we can process your booking within minutes at 805-680-5484. This style of rental is best for those who have a their own BBQ, Patio Heater or other propane powered product and just need to rent 20 pound filled propane tank(s).

Weekly Propane Tank Exchange by Delivery

Our weekly propane services are not only convenient but also reliable and save time! We can provide you with double the tanks you need, so that you never run out. Easy and fast replacement, just call our office and we will schedule a delivery asap. This service is ideal for vacation rentals, estate managers, restaurants, small hotels, venues and other commercial properties.

Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

For DIY self pickup rentals, click here!
In-Store Pickup is not available for all items shown in this catalog.