Portable Air Conditioner

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Portable Air Conditioner

  • Lowers ambient air temperature 10-25 degrees
  • Evaporative Cooling Unit / Environmentally Friendly
  • No installation, no duct required
  • Control panel w/ remote control
  • 3 Speeds, Cools 1350 Sqft
  • Easy to use & runs quiet
  • W30H55X23D / 62 Lbs
  • 110 Volt / 3.5 Amps

Portable air conditioner rental for your indoor, outdoor, or tented event space. Keep your event space cool with an evaporative AC unit. Also easy to setup and does not require any special venting or installation. Therefore, get your space cool asap!

*This unit requires water and is an evaporative cooling unit, therefore large open spaces are ideal. An evaporative cooler, sometimes referred to as a swamp cooler, utilizes water-soaked pads to cool the air. This process works because a fan pulls hot air into the unit, sending it through a series of pads that helps evaporate the liquid into a gas which then blows out cooler than it was when it entered the unit. This type of cooling is better for the environment and is easily installed.

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Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

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