Stop Odor Ozone Generator

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Stop Odor Ozone Generator

  • Removes Odors from Your Event Space
  • Ozone Output: Up to 1.4Gm/h
  • Professional Commercial Grade Machine
  • Up to 3,500 Square Feet/3 Ozone Plates
  • Runs on Timer Up to 12 Hours
  • Will-Call Special 2 Units for $65

Odor Stop Ozone Generator removes odors from your event space, closet, or other areas to rid them of smoke, mold smells, and other offensive odors. If you are having a special event in your home or commercial space and need to temporarily rid your space of odors such as cooking & food, smoking, pet odors, and more! Get that fresh smell again in your home or event space with this unit. This is a professional commercial grade machine.

Need help planning your event space? Our Planning Page can help answer space planning questions. Not sure what you need? Let our Pro Tips light the way.

Instruction of Use

Close all windows and doors to the area where you would like to remove odors. Remove all pets and humans from the space. If you have a large space with several rooms, you may want to run in each room for a faster result, in this case you just need to treat the room and can stay in the remainder of the home. For 2 stories we suggest 2 machines.

Plug the unit into the wall and set the timer (on back). Leave the area for a few hours minimum. When you return, open all the doors and windows to remove the ozone smell and get fresh air into the space, this will only take about 15 minutes depending upon the square footage. Like magic, voilà your done! Unplug the unit and return at your assigned time.

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