Lemon Cottenesse

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Lemon Cottenesse Tablecloth

Lemon is a bright yellow fabric (true traditional yellow color). Rent Lemon Cottenesse – Cotton-Like fabric made from Spun Polyester (cottenesse). For linen sizing guide click here. *Actual color may vary due to graphic.

Polyester vs Spun Polyester Cottenesse, what’s the difference?

  • Spun Polyester is extremely durable and strong due to its molecular bonds and makes a great eco-friendly fabric for tablecloths.
  • Both fabrics are made with 100% polyester threads, the difference is in the tightness of the weave.
  • This tightness of the thread creates the thickness of the different fabrics.
  • Polyester is a thinner fabric, but is more durable and less likely to wrinkle.
  • Cottenesse is a thicker fabric, therefore is more likely to wrinkle, however it feels soft and more like cotton.

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