Horseshoes Lawn Game

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Horseshoes Lawn Game

  • 4 Shoes
  • 2 Stakes

Horseshoes lawn games are made up of innings. Guests can play with 1-2 players per 2 teams. Each player (or pairs) pitches two horseshoes at a ground stake during each inning. There is no set number of innings; rather, the first player or pair to score 40 points wins the game!

The setup is easy, and a game of skill. Both teams take turns throwing their shoes towards the stake. Ringers are worth 3 points. Leaners (the horseshoes that lean on the stake) are worth 2 points. When there are no ringers or leaners in a game, the person who throws the horseshoe the closest to the stake earns one point. However, to qualify for a point, the horseshoe must be within a shoe’s length distance of the stake.

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