Giant Jenga

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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga rental is a classic Toppling Towers game with a new twist – it’s giant! Comes with self standing table and extra large jenga pieces. This game rental comes with 54 piece set and mimicks the classic set. Therefore, why not have more fun at your party, wedding, picnic or corporate event.

How To Play

1.) Stack the jenga blocks 3 to a row, alternate each row to cross each other (X shape) to create a sturdy structure (as seen in photo). 2.) Players take turns removing one toppling towers block at a time from any row without touching the tower – only the block and only one hand can be used. 3.) Once the player successfully removes a block, they must then place that block on the top of the tower. 4.) The idea is not to topple the tower, whomever does is the loser of this game.

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