Fobbles Fog Filled Bubbles

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Fobbles F4 Pro Fog LED

  • Create fog filled bubbles remotely via DMX!
  • Double Wheel Bubble Machine With 18x 6W (RGBAW-UV) Leds
  • Large Quantity Bubbles Filled With White Fog, With Color Changing LEDs
  • Output:4000 Cu.Ft/Min
  • DMX with Digital LCD Controls
  • First Warm-Up Time: 5 Minutes

Fobbles is the latest in entertainment! This machine is fun and exciting for guests of all ages. Watch the machine magically fill bubble with enchanting fog. The 4 in 1 bubble fog machine allows independent component control. Need a regular fog or haze? We got you covered. Need oodles of regular bubbles? Check. Need sweet sweet fog-filled bubbles lit with LEDs?! Say no more. It’s ready. The Fobbles F4 Pro Fog LED has a digital backlit settings menu to easily configure the machine to your needs. Great for outdoor celebrations!