DJ Electra Dance Light

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DJ Electra Dance Light

  • Connect Up to 4 Electra Lights
  • Sound Activated Movement
  • LED / RGB

DJ Electra Dance Light comes with our Night Club Lighting Package (see the video below). The Electra Lights are the 2 red lights on either side of the middle DJ laser light in the video.

Although they are in Red in the video, the Electras can also be set to Green or Blue. You can either set the Electras to respond to your sick beats or likewise have them radiate in a steady light wash. These lighting instruments create color depth while creating a lively dance floor floor atmosphere.

Furthermore, their best application is as part of a full lighting design concept. Most of all, these lights complete the night life look. In addition to DJ party lights, we offer a wide variety of Dance Party Rentals.  **Notes: this rental requires power, plan accordingly.

*All lighting requires installation and may require trusses and/or lighting tripods.

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