Decorative Umbrellas

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Decorative Umbrellas

  • Outdoor Umbrellas
  • 9 Foot
  • Wood pole with Pulley System
  • Includes Commercial Stand
  • Adds Interest to Concession Stands & Themed Events
  • Various Colors to Choose From

Decorative Umbrellas feature premium fabric with a wood pole. They add style and polish to your event while providing shade, a pop of color and an element of old-timey fun. Perfect for transporting your guests to another time and place, these umbrellas are perfect for parties in carnival or circus themes. They add that finishing touch that consequently completes the circus fantasy.

The umbrella pictured here (in red and yellow) pairs well with our old-timey Popcorn Cart. In fact, these colorful umbrellas pair well with all of our concession stand equipment. Each color matches the concession palette perfectly. Please ask about our concession equipment and umbrella pairing.

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