Cotton Candy Machine

The Cotton Candy Cart is available by delivery. The tabletop unit is available for will-call self serve pickup.

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Cotton Candy Machine

  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Optional Cart
  • 26″ Cotton Candy Bowl
  • Optional Bubble Top to Control Candy
  • Heavy Use – 120 Volt
  • Parties, Carnivals & Events (fast, makes 1 cone per minute)
  • Dimensions: 19″W x 12″D x 21″H Weight : 48 lbs
  • Stand is 3 ft tall

Rent a cotton candy machine for your next event. Great addition to your concession stand or for an entertainment factor at your party or event. Cute matching concession umbrella just $45 with concession rental. Our custom made stand is designed to replicate old world charm and is the perfect height to make your cotton candy in comfort.

*Candy floss and cones are just .45 cents per serving, let us know how many servings when placing your order. We offer pink, blue and yellow candy floss. Pairs well with our snow cone machine. *Don’t forget to add a cute umbrella and stand to make your cotton candy machine rental extra special!

Caution: The spinning head is hot and has whipping leather straps, be alert and be careful – this is not a child’s task and is only for adult users.

How To Make Cotton Candy

1. Assemble Unit

  • First loosen the travel bolt, which can be found under the bowl (it is marked)
  • Attach the Metal Bowl with all 4 latches & Plastic Catch
  • Plug Machine Directly Into Wall – must have FULL power.
  • Only use 12 Gauge Extension Cord with Max 25ft **we do not recommend extension cables with this machine.

2. To Make Cotton Candy

  • Turn on both Power and Heat Switch Up
  • Allow machine to warm. May take a couple of minutes
  • Scoop and measure candy floss
  • Carefully pour floss sugar into spinning head, do not overfill.
  • Rotate cone counter clockwise around machine head as it begins to produce floss – wha-la you have cotton candy!
  • You can turn down heat to 1/2 way once it produces candy
  • Continue until machine stops producing floss
  • Want to make more? Simply pour in more sugar floss. Finished? Turn off heat switch.
  • Leave motor spinning to cool off machine head.

Concession Troubleshooting

Machine Won’t Turn On: Make sure it is plugged in and the power or breaker has not overloaded.

Machine is Smoking: Turn down the heat.

Floss is coming out to0 fast or is sticking around the head/motor: With the machine off, make sure that you have loosened the travel bolt so the motor can freely move, then twist the leather straps in opposite directions. Lastly do not overfill the head with sugar – then turn the unit back on.

It spins but nothing is coming out: This is generally due to a power problem. Make sure the heat is all the way up, if that does not correct the issue, then turn the unit off and plug it directly into the wall without the use of any extension cord. You may need to test the power supply to make sure the unit is receiving enough power. Cotton Candy Machines require a full 120V and a 1370W electrical connection.

Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

For DIY self pickup rentals, click here!
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