100 Cup Coffee Urn

Make up to 100 cups of coffee in this electric coffee urn – all you need is water and medium ground coffee.

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100 Cup Coffee Urn

  • 100 Cup Coffee Urn
  • Coffee Maker
  • Electric
  • Also Keeps Other Hot Beverages Hot

The coffee urn rental is 23 inches and made of polished aluminum. Standing on its stay-cool base, this big coffee maker is ideal for a buffet line, office event, or any other large scale event. *Allow 1 hour to brew 100 cups.

It percolates up to 100 cups at a cup-a-minute rate and then automatically switches to keep-warm, serving temperature mode. Therefore when the light goes on and the spigot shows off its no-drip capacity, it is perfect for spotless cup-and-saucer use.Lifting the spigot provides a continuous flow for filling coffee servers.  This units cover locks in place to prevent accidental spills.

Don’t have power? Try this sterno urn instead. **Notes: this rental requires power, plan accordingly. Click here to view user instructions.

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