Black Tabletop Easels

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Black Tabletop Easels

  • Black Scroll Design
  • 14.5″ Height
  • Made from Iron

Black Tabletop Easels are easy to setup signage on your tabletop. The classic scroll design adds a Spanish character or whimsical charm to any affair. Whether it’s a small photo or a printed sign, this tabletop easel is the perfect rental.

We also carry full size Chalkboard Signs for ground display.

Signage is an often forgotten element in parties and events. Signs are essential for letting your guests know where the party is, where to go, where to sign in, etc.

Easels and chalkboards also create ambiance and help with traffic flow. If you are looking for finishing touches to your event consider your signage and check out our easels and chalkboards.

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