Bamboo Wedding Arch

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Bamboo Wedding Arch

  • Beach Theme Bamboo Arch
  • 8 Ft x 3 Ft
  • 3 Pieces Structure
  • **Drapes & Flowers Not Included

Bamboo Wedding Arch is a beautiful symbol of your new roots together. We offer two versions of our bamboo arch; a regular 8 pc. set or this simple 3 pc. set. This simple bamboo structure can be placed in the sand or on any flat surface (self standing).

*The Arch does not include sheer drape panels, this is just to get an idea of how it looks when decorated. Panels can be added to your rental, please inquire about our drape rental options. Also we offer a variety of other Wedding Arches to suit your taste. Consequently this wedding rental makes a great backdrop for your sweetheart table.

Bamboo is the symbol of luck in Asian cultures, 3 bamboo pieces together is lucky for health, wealth, and happiness. Bamboo also symbolizes strength, and although the roots are strong they are also flexible. Great symbol to start off your amazing union together!

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