Alesis Battery Powered PA Speaker

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Alesis Battery Powered PA Speaker

  • Dum Amp/Speaker
  • Powerful 50 Watts
  • 6-8 Hours of Battery Life
  • Good Ground Sound up to 40+ Feet
  • USB dock
  • Rent Speaker Stand (if needed)
  • Corded Mic Available

If you want to rent an affordable battery powered speaker for your next party, wedding or event that does not have a power source we recommend this basic battery powered speaker. This PA speaker is ideal for small beach weddings, wedding ceremonies, speeches, and small gatherings.

If this is not what you are looking for and need a more professional sound, we carry Behringer and JBL speakers too. **Notes: if rental is in the sun for long periods, like a cell phone it may overheat and shut down. If this happens, move the item to a shaded location, let it cool down, and turn back on. We cannot control the sun/weather, so be aware of placement in direct sun when hot temperatures exist. *A power cord will be provided in case recharging is necessary. About Bluetooth/Wireless; We do not guarantee this will work with your device or venue area.

Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

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