10×20 Vinyl Top Tent

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10×20 Vinyl Top Tent

  • Waterproof Tent Top w/Bonded Seams
  • Lightweight Coated Vinyl – White
  • Heavy Commercial Pop-Up Frame
  • 81″ Under Valance / 10.75′ Top Peak
  • *Active heaters may not be used under tents (not fireproof material)

10×20 Vinyl Top Tent will help you stay dry at your outdoor event in Santa Barbara year round. The vinyl top guides the water away and avoids water build-up and leakage. We highly recommend this product for the rainy season since the top is waterproof.

Gutters can also be added along with 10×10 or 10×20 side walls for extra comfort and security. *Furthermore we recommend sandbags if the installation is not on a flat surface or if water intrusion is a concern.

Regular polyester top popup tents shown on our website are water resistant, which means that during a passing sprinkle water will wick off of the top. However, the non-vinyl pop ups may have leakage during a longer sprinkle or heavier rain. This vinyl top tent is made of waterproof vinyl material with bonded seams making them leak proof, keeping you and your guests dry.

For more information on this tent rental, please contact our office. *Tents are not made for use in more extreme conditions such as high winds or long heavy rain.

10x20 vinyl top tent

santa barbara tent rental

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