10×20 Canopy Tent

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Canopy Tent 10×20

  • Canopy Tent 10×20 (6 legs per tent)
  • Pop-Up Style/ Fast Install
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Use
  • UV Proof / Water Resistant / Fire Retardant
  • White Sidewalls Available (not included)
  • Gutter Connections Available (to connect two tents)
  • 2 Together Creates 20×20 Tent (as shown in product photo)

Canopy Tent 10×20 offers quick installation for your party or event in a matter of minutes. With no center pole, this rental product is ideal for small events with 20 guests per tent. Customers choose this product when time is of the essence and this product provides shade fast!

There are a variety of ways to use these tents for your event;

First of all below is a chart to help plan your event using 2 or more of this style of pop-up tent. Furthermore, placing 2 of the 10×20’s together will give you a 20×20 tent. Finally, be aware that each tent structure has center legs and all planning should include those legs.

**Popup tents are water and fire resistant but not water tight nor fire proof, therefore this rental is not recommended for high winds, heavy rain, or near fire or propane heaters. If using heaters or in rainy conditions please upgrade to a vinyl top. **Fire permit is the responsibility of the customer.

Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery: Daily 8am-5:30pm
After Hours: Not Available / No Exceptions

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