Professional Tips for Your Event

Event Bar Tips for Cocktail Parties (per 100 guests):

  • For every 100 people make sure you have 2 bartenders and 1 bar back assistant.
  • 4 servers (waiters) to keep the bar from bottlenecking (1 waiter per 25 guests).
  • 2 wine/beer and self serve tables at opposite sides of the room (or space).
  • Open event layout, not crowded with tables so your guests can socialize.
  • 5-6 High-boy cocktail tables in the center of the room (spread out)
  • 3-4 Low-boy cocktail tables with chairs along the walls or outside area (for elderly or people who need to sit).
  • 5-6 types of hors d’oeuvres for non-meal time parties or 10-12 for mealtime parties.
  • Think finger foods (no utensils just small plates).
  • Select 1-2 wines types to avoid overdoing it, white wine is more popular than red.
  • Each guest will have an average of 2 drinks the first hour and 1 drink each hour thereafter.
  • Serve non-alcoholic drinks in a glass for social acceptance (soda, water, juice).
  • 1.5 pounds of ice per person (ice coolers are needed).
  • 1 bottle of liquor yields about 22 mixed drinks.
  • Don’t forget garnish; lemons, limes, olives, parsley
  • Keep your event decorating budget for the dinner tables (less is more at cocktail hour)
  • Wedding string lights is a mood setter.
  • Soft background music is a must and a lot of people forget it, if you’re low budget we recommend just speakers and an ipod.

Event Buffet Tips

  • Make your buffet the centerpiece of your event dining space (this will help the line flow faster)
  • Plates at the front, cutlery and napkins at the end (this tells people where the start of line is)
  • Use large serving tools for salads and smaller serving utensils for expensive items like meat
  • Create a 2 sided buffet table
  • Mirror the same buffet food item on both sides of buffet table (to allow the line to flow faster)
  • Start with salads and end with meats (this places the most expensive item last)
  • For really large groups, consider separating the tables into food groups (fruit & salad, soup & starch, meats)
  • Create backup platters to swap out and replenish the food
  • If this is your event or wedding and you do not have a caterer, select 3-4 friends who don’t mind helping with the buffet
  • Chafing dishes keep hot items hot with a sterno, but you can also use them to keep cold items cold by using ice in the pan
  • Whilst the buffet is in the center, keep the bar or drink stations at the perimeter of the dining area (this prevents traffic build up)
  • For interest you can add height with cake platters, tiered trays, and fun items like wood boxes

Event Lighting Tips

Lighting helps create the mood. Too much lighting and the romance is lost. Not enough lighting and your eating in the dark. These tips will help you create that romantic mood without turning night into day.

  • Use LED candles on every table at different heights
  • Use wedding string lights overhead
  • Place pole lights at stairs and danger zones (set the light to amber for a romantic feel)
  • Use pin lighting and LED candles at the buffet
  • Use pin lighting at the “kitchen” area
  • Use pin lighting on the cake
  • Add interest and light up the cake table or bar from below with an LED washlight
  • Light up the walls or landscape with washlights (uplights)


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