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How to Plan a Fun Filled Corporate Picnic

Corporate picnic are great bond-building exercises and they are supposed to be fun and relaxing. Though the initial arrangements are made by the office, other essential things for a successful corporate party can provided by a party supply rental company.

There is a reason that corporates plan a picnic for their employees. It is not just to have fun or give them a day off without cutting their salaries. Corporate picnics do have an agenda. They are generally ice-breakers. New employees get to meet old ones and their seniors. It is a team, and rapport-building endeavor for employees to know each other better and get easy with each other. It is all about helping one to come out of their shell- even a little bit. Thus, all the arrangements are indirectly pointed towards building confidence, motivating the employees, and increasing productivity. A corporate picnic, hence cannot be taken lightly. It has to be arranged right and executed flawlessly. In doing so, what is the role of the HR manager in this? The person in charge of the team gets to choose the venue, decide on the menu, and arrange the transportation. Once these three are done, they think all has been accounted for. True, the picnic will take place, but will it be fun-filled? Will the employees get to enjoy it? After all, a picnic is supposed to be fun. If it were all about eating out, then wouldn’t they have arranged for a team lunch or dinner?

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That is where the difference is. It is a picnic, and a picnic is not only a gathering. There have to be activities which will make it more enjoyable and entertaining. The office will point out the budget right at this point. Indeed, arranging for a corporate picnic will not be easy. There is a fixed budget, but who is asking you to buy everything? You can easily opt for party supply rentals for your corporate picnic. One has to find a good party supply rental company, get in touch with them and let them know the requirements. A party supply rental company can arrange for and provide all the things required for the corporate picnic.

One of the essential things the corporate picnic will need is tables and chairs. So, hire tables and chairs from the rental company. If the corporate picnic takes place in the countryside, on a farm, you can go for farm table rentals. This can come with Oak Vineyard Cross back chairs or simple Chiavari chairs. If you wish, you can also ask for wooden ottomans for an outdoor lounge look. Apart from the farm tables, you can also opt for round tables, which go equally with these chairs. The rental company can also provide table cloths, linens, cookware, and glassware. They can also offer platters and trays, cake and dessert stand, serving utensils, cooking equipment, and more.

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A corporate picnic goes beyond just eating and drinking. Entertainment is also a big part of the picnic. When you are searching for a speaker rental near me, you don’t have to look far either. The same party supply rental company can provide audio-visual equipment, including projectors and screens for outdoor presentations and speakers. You can opt for single speakers or a basic speaker package that includes 2 – Behringer Eurolive Speakers, Speaker Stands, Behringer Mixer Box, Corded Microphone, necessary Connection Cables along with set-up & installation. For added fun, you can get a Photo Booth and Lawn games to keep the employees occupied. You can also rent a portable stage for enthusiastic dancers to show their talent.

Apart from table chair rentals, you can also opt for tent rentals from the rental company. It is better to arrange for some shade for those who can’t spend long hours under the sun. Again, the party rental supply company will take the initiative to decorate the venue if you desire. So, leave it up to them and enjoy a day of leisure and a much-needed break from work.

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