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Event Planning

DIY Event Planning

Let’s talk event planning and production logistics! Having a small dinner party is one thing, but hosting a large event such as a wedding is a whole different ball game. Pulling off this type of show is a major undertaking and we are here to help with your event rentals. Making the “behind the scenes” event production easier.

You’ve invited your guests and taken care of the pre-event planning, your ready for your special day, now what? Making a production timeline is critical, along with tasking each “behind the scenes” jobs with a start and end time. This timeline will coincide with your Event planning timeline (what happens and when).


Reviewing the questions below will determine whether you need additional help for your party rentals. Otherwise all tasks below are from your friends, family, planner or other vendors.

#1 When can we set the table rentals? Our delivery staff will place the tables and chair rentals. Schedule the task of setting the tables 30+ minutes after the party rentals have arrived. Place all table linens first, then place your china and decorations.

#2 How do the decorations get on the tables? Wedding Arch rental decor and aisle decor; schedule these decorations to be installed 20 minutes after the chairs arrive (if using a florist, they will want to know this timeline). For special table decor, schedule the decor second after allowing 10-15 minutes for the person placing the table settings has started their task of putting on the linen rentals, if this is the same person schedule the time accordingly.

#4 Who will set up the props? If the props are rented, then schedule this person to be there when the event rentals arrive. Our delivery staff may be in charge of setting up the items, but you will need someone who knows exactly where they need to go. If the props or games belong to you, make sure your team has setup instructions for this task that are clearly written to avoid errors.


All of our Audio Visual & Lighting Rentals are setup and tested by our delivery staff, ready to use. *Simply leave any AV rentals in place and in the ON position.


How much does food cost per guest? If you are picking up prepared food from a restaurant or grocery store plan to spend at least $28-40 per guest. For hired catering professionals or private chefs plan to spend anywhere from $120 to $140+ per person depending upon the type of food served, this fee typically includes not only food but prep and service labor onsite (these costs vary by area).

Generally you can rely on your catering professional to provide food management and minor event planning. It’s always a good idea to know what to negotiate when it comes to catering staff provided.


We suggest:

  • 2 Servers per 25 Guests for Seated Dinners
  • 1 Catering or Event Staff per 30 Guests for Buffet Dinners
  • 1 Busser per 30 Guests (to clear dishes)
  • 2 Bartenders per 100 Guests
  • 1 Hightop per 10 Guests

#5 Who will set up & replenish the buffet self serve stations? Even if you have booked wait staff with dinner served to the table, there are likely a few self serve options at most events. If you have self serve options, make sure you have tasked someone to replenish the items when they get low.

#5 Who will bus the dishes and when? Busing the tables (removing dishes) should happen throughout the night if you have a buffet or after each course if you will serve your guests. *Discuss this with your caterer, this is generally part of their fee.

When you have a catering company, make sure it’s clear that all china rentals and glassware rentals must be rinsed and repacked in the crates ready for pickup when the delivery truck arrives. If you do not have a catering company, you will need to task this cleanup so that it happens before our delivery staff arrive for your scheduled pickup.


How many drinks per person at a wedding? Your caterer or bartender is an expert and can generally advise you on about how much alcohol you’ll need at your wedding. However, unless your crowd consists of really heavy, or really light, drinkers, a good rule of thumb is two drinks per guest in the first hour and one drink per hour every hour after that. To accommodate any non-cocktail drinkers, estimate one bottle of wine per eight guests, remembering that white wine tends to be more popular than red. Therefore if you have 100 guests and your event is 5-10pm you will need 500 servings of alcohol, which could look like this; 14 1L Bottles of Alcohol, 150 beers, 38 bottles of wine, 13 bottle of champagne for toasting, *Average cost for alcohol at is $8-10 per person per hour (these costs vary by area and alcohol selection).

One Drink = 1.5 to 2 ounces of liquor, 5 to 6 ounces of wine, and 12 ounces of beer.
Champagne Toasting = 1/2 glass or 3 ounces each guest (8 servings per bottle)
750ml size bottle = approximately 25 ounces.(regular size wine and liquor bottle)
1 Liter size bottle = approximately 33 ounces (middle size liquor bottle)

Glassware rentals depend upon the drinks you decide upon. We carry a large selection of glassware rentals including rocks glasses, champagne flute rentals and all those in between.


#5 Where will my props and decorations go after my event? At many events, the host will announce that guests are welcome to flower, balloon style props or parting gifts. This announcement should be made 30 minutes before the planned end of your event. Ask your team to remove table decorations no less that 20 minutes before the scheduled rental pickup. All table and chair rentals should be ready for pickup and clear of any items.

*We suggest having flat cardboard boxes handy if you plan to keep decorations or purchased linens. This will make transport of your items easier or if your event is at home, you can easily sort through your decorations later.

#6 What do I do with all the Trash? All events have trash, which is why people rent trash cans. Trash may need to be cleared every hour depending upon the amount of plastic/paper or cans that your event has or catering/bartender needs. Trash can rentals are picked up empty, so task trash removal to either the catering company or another helper.

Ask the venue where to put trash during the event (this may be outlined in your rental contract). Task trash cleanup to one person and have extra plastic trash bags for easy replacement. **Trash removal is not included with your trash can rentals.

#7 Who will break down the party rentals? Please leave all table and chair rentals, av rentals, wedding arch rental, stage or dance floor rental in place, those items will be moved by our staff. Catering staff should be tasked to placing tablecloth rentals in the provided bags, glassware rentals in the provided crates, china rentals in the provided crates, decoration rentals in the provided crates or boxes, etc. The planner or setup staff/friends can also be tasked to returning items to the crates they were delivered in.

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