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Amazing Glassware Rentals to Consider for Your Next Party

It is essential to ensure the proper fine china and glassware rentals before celebrating any event. Big or small, the proper glassware is sure to make special cocktails exciting and intoxicating.

Staying hydrated is an essential part of life. You have to drink enough water to remain healthy. So it’s normal to invest in a set of basic sturdy glasses for regular use at home. However, plain home style glassware won’t cut it when hosting a cocktail party or celebrating a special occasion at your home or hired venue. There are special wine glasses to consider depending on the wine type along with possibility of mixed drinks, a champagne toast, or even beer. Investing in multiple varieties of glassware does not make great final sense and washing those will be a pain. Consider glassware rentals to help you create the atmosphere you want to present!

Glassware Rentals

Some of the must-rent glasses to make the upcoming party a hit need to include the following items:

Crystal Wine Glasses – For your most wine connoisseurs, crystal is the right choice for wine tasting! Savoring delicate wines from crystal wine glasses available in our Sonoma Collection, will delight your most critical guests. You will feel proud when you watch your friends and family admire these beautiful glasses that feature an angular bowl set on a magnificent narrow stem. It is definite to lend class and elegance to your party, making the event a runaway success once the enticing wine is served in the right crystal glassware.

Flute Glass – No celebration is complete without the ubiquitous champagne. Of course, you must serve it in the perfect glass too. Let your guests delight in your success and toast you by holding the flute glasses up. Well, the flute glasses can be used to serve heady cocktails such as mimosa or sparkling apple juice for the teetotalers. You can also use these glasses when you are eager to serve chocolate mousse and other similar desserts in a stylish manner.

Mason Jar – Want to create the rustic look? You can’t do no better than renting a set of mason jars that are glasses shaped in the form of a jar. Choose this old-fashioned glass to serve a limited amount of whiskey sour or spiked fruit juice. It is the best glassware to give credence to a rustic party.

Margarita Glass – A cocktail party is incomplete without specialty wine glasses. Try the Margarita Glass to serve a range of cocktails. You may also keep them handy on the makeshift bar so that the bartender has no difficulty in finding the right glass.

Fine china rentals

Pilsner Glass – Do not shy away from hosting a men’s or boy’s night at your own home! Let the guys gather and watch the super bowl event with beer and lots of munchies that will help to cheer their favorite team on. Having the Pilsner Glasses ready will enable you to join in the fun without having to bartend either.

Hurricane Glass – A day of fun & frolic at the beach does not have to be short on supplies. Rent hurricane glasses when it is time to enjoy that pitcher full of cool, sophisticated tropical drinks and cocktails. Your guests will think they are in a tropical heaven!

Nothing goes better with drinking than eating of course! Ask about our fine china rentals and have the dinner plates and plates for small eats handy. We invite you to rent salad and dessert plates to help create a extra special event.

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