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About Will-Call

About Will-Call / In-Store Pickup

Will-call in-store pickup is available weekdays by Appointment only 9am-11am. **All other days and times are reserved for delivery preparations, at which time the warehouse is closed to the public. 

Will-call is a DIY no service option. It is perfect if you know what you want and have the option to load your own vehicle. Will-call is NOT for customers needing technical assistance or labor. All product information is provided on the product page.

Will-Call Rentals: Not all rentals are available via will-call, click here to VIEW A CATALOG OF ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR WILL-CALL in small quantities.  “DIY Will-Call” means the customer provides their own transportation and labor for the rentals via will-call pickup appointment scheduled 9am-11am on the date offered. Will-call is open by appointment only and fully closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Tuesdays. Will-call rentals are on a time clock; daily (24 hours), weekly (5-8 days), bi-weekly (9-14 days) and monthly (15-30 days).

Delivered Rentals: Just 4 Fun Party Rentals specializes in full events and most items seen on this website are in support of such occasions. However we do offer some items via will-call for smaller events.

Self Transport Requirements

Each vehicle has loading restrictions based on what can safely be transported in your vehicle. The following guidelines apply to furniture rentals only and is based solely on standard vehicle sizes. For actual max capacity take measurements of your vehicle.  *ALL vehicles will need an empty bed and proper tie downs to transport items safely. **You are responsible for proper loading and unloading.


A SEDAN can hold up to 10 chair OR up to 4 cocktail size tables.


A HATCHBACK sedan can hold up to 25 chairs with the back seats down and up to 4 small tables.


A large SUV can hold up to 30 chairs with the back seats down and up to 4 small tables depending on length.


A TRUCK can hold up to 40 basic chairs with the back seats down and up to 4 small tables depending on the bed length.


A cargo VAN without any rear seats can hold up to 60 chairs with the back seats down and up to 6 small tables.

box truck

A BOX TRUCK with a ramp and side rails can transport a variety of items as long as the box has side rails and tie downs. *You are responsible for proper loading and unloading.

A standard U-haul style truck has both ramp & rails. This vehicle is the most versatile for moving large items. *It requires tie downs and labor to use at its max capacity.


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