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Our service area is local within 10 miles of downtown SB:

  • Montecito
  • Santa Barbara
  • Goleta
  • Isla Vista

Customer Service

  • Hours are; 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday
  • CS helps with Quote Leads, Addendas, and Basic questions (seen on tabs)

Manager Request…

  • Send a detailed message with the issue (include product and booking#)
  • Verify best telephone number and email
  • We will route the message to an event manager to call back – cs does not have the authority to correct issues.

Common Question (link)

Weekday Delivery Time Options;

  • Budget Delivery – We arrive anytime 8am-5pm – Prices start at $375
  • 4 Hour Window – 8am-12pm OR 1pm-5pm – Prices start at $375
  • Appointment – Specific time during business hours – Prices start at $375
  • After Hours Appointment – Specific time 4:30pm-5:30pm – Prices start at $899

Weekend Delivery Time Options;

  • Appointment – Specific time during business hours – Prices start at $799
  • After Hours Appointment – Specific time 4:30pm-5:30pm – Prices start at $899
  • *Pickup option will be the same as delivery option.


We use package pricing, each “rated rental period” out must be quoted. The chart below will help you understand when rates are increased as they exceed a normal 1-4 day rental period.


Time Out


1-4 days

Quoted Rental Price

5-7 days

Base Rental Rate X 1.5

8-14 days

Base Rental Rate X 2

15-21 days

Base Rental Rate X 3

22-30 days

Base Rental Rate X 4


  • Curbside – rentals are unloaded & reloaded from the driveway (no setup, teardown or site labor)
  • Backyard – rentals are unloaded & reloaded from the side yard or backyard (no set up, teardown or site labor)
  • White Glove Service: rental are taken within 40 feet of parking and include setup of all tables, chairs, tents and heavy or technical equipment (excludes linens and small rentals like china, glassware, lawn games)
  • Extra Labor – Add steps, stairs, elevator, rough terrain, hills or difficult delivery conditions which MUST be disclosed otherwise it is not included in any labor.

*Stairs/steps, hills, rough terrain and extra distance are never included.

Will-Call & Warehouse/Showroom;

  • Weekdays by appointment only 9am-11am
  • **Closed; Tuesdays & Weekends!

**No one works at the warehouse, it is not a store.**

Self pickup/return is called Will-Call

**Only items seen on the will-call catalog are available**

Just 4 Fun Holiday Closures: 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day thru January 5th.

Will-call rentals can be seen on our will-call catalog


**NOT all rentals are available for will-call.**


Linen calculation for any table size; Table height x 2 + table width = floor length.

Basic white, black and ivory linens are available with little fore notice, but all colors and specialty fabrics have a minimum 10 day pre-book requirement.

Premium Catalog Options (link)

I want my quote itemized!! OR Why is the price so high???

We use package pricing not per item, we can request an email sent to you explaining our pricing model and offer you some money saving options if possible!

It’s such a small order, can I just pick up my rentals?

Yes customers can request that they would prefer will-call (availability not guaranteed). If that works better, please let us know *only applies to very small bookings, see will-call catalog*.

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