Common Rental Questions

Answers to Common Event Rental Questions

We want you to have a good rental experience so that you can entertain to your heart’s delight! Below are some common questions…
  •  What does White Glove Delivery mean? White glove is a premium level of delivery service where (if requested), large rental items such as tables and chairs are set-up and taken down for you.
  • Does White Glove mean you’re the middle man? No, Just 4 Fun Party Rentals owns all of the equipment we rent. We take pride in providing clean, gently used rentals.
  • Is there a minimum order? Yes, the minimum order is $199 for home and $399 for a venue. We will deliver any rental in our inventory, however we do have a minimum white glove service fee added to all orders (which is slightly higher on weekends).
  • Can you just drop my rentals off, or does someone have to be there? Someone over 18 must accept responsible for the rentals. You can pre-arrange for your agent to accept the rentals as long as you have signed your electronic rental agreement. We can help out by sending you or your agent a text alert to remind you of the delivery (ask for this service it’s free).
  • I need the rentals to be there at a specific time, do you offer that? Yes, we offer: Delivery by Appointment, Pickup by Appointment, and After Hours Appointment (ask for pricing).
  • Do you deliver on Sunday? Yes, we deliver 7 days a week 8am-5pm and by appointment.
  • My event ends at 1am, can you pick up at that time? Yes, for a fee we can pick-up at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Do you set up my party? Our delivery service always includes set-up and take down heavy items like tables and chairs if you have a plan. If you do not provide instruction our staff will stack the items in a convenient location.
  • What if I need more help setting up? Just 4 Fun Party Rentals offers pro event staff, perfect helpers to make your party a breeze – it’s reassuring to have someone there who knows what needs to be done.
  • What if I don’t know what I need? Our event staff can help you to select the right products. Call our office and we will help you plan your rental needs 805-680-5484.
  • I am confused by the linen sizes, how do I know what size to pick? Our staff can make suggestions based on your table size. We also have pictures and guidelines posted under Planning Resources
  • What do I do with the linens when we are done with them? You have been provided a linen bag for returning soiled linens. You do not need to wash the linens, simply shake them free of debris. **Never place linens in plastic bags, if you cannot locate your linen return bag you may leave the linens on the tables and we will bag them for you.
  • Do table rentals come with chairs? No, all items are rented individually.
  • Do I need to clean the food machines (equipment) I rented before returning them? Yes, remove all food and simply wipe down with a damp cloth – do not wash.
  • Do I need to clean the dishes I rented before returning them? You need to rinse food related rentals so they are free of food debris and repack them in the provided crate(s). If dishes are left with food debris we will charge a reasonable cleaning fee.
  • The machine stopped working, what do I do? Even new machines malfunction, if a machine has stopped working unplug it and text 805-284-1615 with your first and last name and the nature of your problem, the event manager will return your call as soon as possible and resolve your issue in a timely fashion.
  • The delivery truck left and we are missing something, help! The Event Manager will provide you with an emergency contact phone number upon delivery. He will be texting you from that line, so you can easily contact him at anytime. *Should you require emergency assistance – he can be reached via text 24 hours a day at 805-284-1615.
  • Can I pick up my balloon order to save the delivery fee? As of 2018 we now offer will-call pickup of small bookings, ask for details.
  • Can’t we just pick up our rentals? As of 2018 small bookings are available for will-call pickup and return, ask for details. **Just 4 Fun Party Rentals is not just a rental company, we are a white glove service provider, specializing in full service delivery.
  • Is there a delivery fee for jumpers? Yes, we do not provide free delivery for any rental products.
  • We didn’t end up using the rentals, can we get a refund? There are no refunds for unused rental products or party supplies.
  • I need to add a few things, what is the last date I can add items? We allow additions up until 2pm the week day before your event.
  • I over ordered, what is the last date I can remove rentals? We have a strict cancellation policy – in order for everyone to have a good rental experience we need our clients to be just as committed to their event as we are. We advise you to order just what you know you will use (review the cancellation policy).

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