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Wedding Packages

Small Wedding Packages

Small Wedding Packages Congratulations on your Engagement! Try our small Ceremony Wedding packages to make your day extra special for just $399. While this price point makes your small wedding affordable it also is effortless because you truly want to enjoy your day. First pick one of the pre-made packages below. Then, either use the […]

Professional Tips for Your Event

Event Bar Tips for Cocktail Parties (per 100 guests): For every 100 people make sure you have 2 bartenders and 1 bar back assistant. 4 servers (waiters) to keep the bar from bottlenecking (1 waiter per 25 guests). 2 wine/beer and self serve tables at opposite sides of the room (or space). Open event layout, […]

Event Lighting Requirements

How Much Electricity Do I Need For My Event Lighting? The question we get most often is “How much power do I need for my event lighting?”. This article will strive to answer your most common questions about power usage for all rental products that require power and provide you with other facts for decision […]

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