White Glove Delivery

White-Glove Delivery

Just 4 Fun Party Rentals Santa Barbara is a premium, white glove event and party rental company located in Santa Barbara, California. We know planning events is not an easy task, therefore we are dedicated to providing you with an excellent rental experience from start to finish.

To define white-glove services: “providing or involving meticulous care, attention, or service.

Customer Service Team

  • Friendly, Helpful & Responsive
  • Available 24/7
  • Expert Advice: Products, Space Planning & Design
  • Reliable Pricing
  • Fast & Easy Quote Process
  • Reduced Overbooking & After-the-fact Fees
  • Fast Booking Process

Rentals & Equipment

  • Looks Great: Gently Used
  • Clean: Washed/Sterilized After Each Use
  • Reliable: Maintained & Regularly Tested

Delivery Team

  • Reliable & Accurate Delivery Times
  • Friendly Professional Installers
  • Expert Knowledge of Space Planning
  • Quiet & Discrete Service (as possible)

J4FPR quotes your event as a project rather than individual pricing, which is why you do not see pricing for products online. Event dates, delivery parameters, services and rental equipment with installation can all be seen on the quote for one final price. *Only unknown delivery parameters, client side delays, or damages would not be included.

When browsing our website you will notice we carry a large variety of gently used rentals and are sure to have everything you need for your event. From furniture to lighting and everything in between we’ve got you covered!

Starting with our in-house preplanning efforts, we use expert knowledge coupled with software to help reduce the instance of extra costs associated with inexperienced planning or unknown delivery parameters. We ask the right questions so we can give you accurate pricing.

Our deliver team are expert installers, who you can reply upon to take care of creating the predesigned space. This frees up the host or hired professionals like planners, florists, and caterers to focus on doing their very best in their field.

Furthermore, event preparation starts behind the scenes at Just 4 Fun. This includes cleaning, shining, buffing, testing, steaming, ironing and touch ups to get our equipment looking and working great just for you.

Upon delivery, enjoy your event without having to worry! We offer complimentary set-up and take down of heavy rental products like tables and chairs. In addition, rentals that require set-up like dance floors, speakers, and lighting are always properly quoted with full installation included. You can expect the same level of service upon pickup.

Our special delivery services and attention to detail not only relieves your stress, it makes your event much more enjoyable. Thereby giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your party’s success without the burden of heavy labor.

Lastly, our reception is available 24/7 to assist you. Because staff are on-call, you can always get help in case of technical difficulties. Finally from booking to deliver, we make entertaining easier.

We look forward to helping you with your event.

Questions About Delivery

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